ICT Matters offers independent advice and ICT services for community organisations to:

  • foster an environment and culture that embraces ICT to help fulfill the organisation’s vision, mission and values;
  • enable ICT capacity to have systems that are well governed and managed, good quality, reliable, functional, secure and legal;
  • review,  plan and develop ICT systems to meet strategic, business and service delivery needs;
  • empower board, management and staff to be confident in the systems available;
  • develop knowledge of capacity and, skills in using  ICT systems;
  • allow for innovation in current systems and what the future can bring.

ICT Services include:

  • strategic planning;
  • systems review and needs analysis;
  • business requirements development;
  • website design and development;
  • database design and development;
  • knowledge management;
  • project management;
  • contract and relationship management with suppliers and the ICT community;
  • infrastructure management;
  • skills development and training;
  • document writing.